Six centuries of history

Originally a hunting lodge and later transformed into a comfortable family home, Lyme has undergone extensive alterations since the 1400s. Notable architects were employed to transform the house into the magnificent mansion you see today. Come and admire the beautiful façade and interiors of the house for yourself.

The Legh family

Lyme is remarkable for having been owned by the same family, the Leghs, for just under 600 years. Find out why good deeds in battle led to them owning the land, and come face to face with Legh ancestry in the house.

Lyme's collection

Here at Lyme we have a large collection ranging from treasured Mortlake tapestries to collars belonging to the family’s beloved mastiff dogs. We also have the finest clock collection in the National Trust as well as one of the most important printed book in the Trust’s vast collection, The Lyme Missal. You can find out more about our collection here.

Snap away

We welcome photography at Lyme as we hope you can take away treasured memories from your visit. We just ask that flashes are not used in the house.

The Dressing Room

Have you ever imagined yourself as Lord or Lady of the Regency, channelling your own Elizabeth Bennet in an empire line dress? Visit Lyme’s Wardrobe Department the beautiful during your visit and transform yourself into a real-life Edwardian. With costumes for visitors of all ages, the whole family can join in.