Plas Newydd: A family home

Plas Newydd may be a fabulous mansion in an incredible setting but first and foremost it was a family home; full of memories, joy and laughter. From 2016 we'll be taking a closer look at the family that lived at Plas Newydd, bringing this family home to life once more.

When people visit Plas Newydd it's not only the grandeur of the building or the spectacular art that captivates people, but the family who lived here and made this house a real family home.

Each room in the house is full of memories and heart-warming stories of family life. In 2016 we will be embarking on a journey to re capture these stories, using family photos and cine film stills to bring them to life.

Starting with Henry, Shirley and their children, each room will introduce you to family life at Plas Newydd.

Meet the Angleseys

Celebrating the story of Henry and Shirley, 7th Marquess and Marchioness

The 7th Marquess walks on the 'Cromlech' outside Plas Newydd
The 7th Marquess walks on the 'Cromlech' outside Plas Newydd

Henry was the first Marquess to be born and live his entire life in Plas Newydd as the main family home

Henry, born in 1922, had five older sisters. He inherited Plas Newydd and became the 7th Marquess in 1947.

He and his sisters painted, played ping pong and made home movies in the mansion and even cycled around the Music Room and Gothick Hall on bicycles. Henry’s sister Rose was still sliding down the bannister of the Staircase Hall when she was in her 80s!

Shirley was very active in the local community and even international society.
Shirley at her desk

Shirley is a great linguist and has always been fascinated by Russian history and culture as you’ll see by the books by the bed in her bedroom. She regularly visited the Soviet Union.

Shirley was the leader of the WI, Royal Commissioner, Chair of Broadcasting Complaints Committee and heavily involved in the Welsh Arts Council, the Civic Trust for Wales, and many other groups.

Henry and Shirley first met after the Second World War. Studying in America she then worked as a Personal Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office during World war Two.

Alex and the family dog in the Breakfast Room
Alex and the family dog in the Breakfast Room

There are so many stories to tell, the biggest task is choosing which ones. Each room has its own unique role to play in the life of the Angleseys.

The Breakfast Room was, as the name suggests, where the family had their breakfast each day.

To stop the family dogs from stealing the sausages, food was left on the shelf of the square side table with the mesh around it.

Henry famously couldn’t keep his feet still whenever he sat down for a meal. As you see here, he wore the carpet away with his feet under his seat at the table.


To hear more about the Angleseys you can visit Plas Newydd seven days a week in 2016 and join us on a journey to celebrate family life at this spectacular home.

Do you have any stories about the family at Plas Newydd to share? Contact us and let us know.