The house at Plas Newydd

Sitting magestically on the shores of the Menai Strait, the ancestral home of the Marquess of Anglesey is more than just a home.

The Whistler mural

Plas Newydd is home to one of the most famous and largest landscape murals in Britain, painted by the renowned artist Rex Whistler.

During your visit our room guides will walk you through this incredible work of art, piece by piece. Find out what inspired this 58-foot fantasy landscape and hear tales of forlorn love and family ties.

Waterloo and the 'Anglesey Leg'

Plas Newydd is also home to a Waterloo inspired military museum housing items from the famous battle including the "Anglesey Leg" - the world's first fully articulated prosthetic leg given to Henry Paget the 1st Marquess of Anglesey after losing his in battle alongside the Duke of Wellington.

Learn more about how he was awarded the title of Marquess of Anglesey, his relationship with the Iron Duke and that of the two families to this day.

Want to know more? Here's a short video made a few years ago about the famous leg.

Lord A's study

We've opened up Lord Anglesey's study just as the 7th Marquess left it. Full of personality, this fascinating room gives a real insight into Lord A's working life in all its organised chaotic beauty! You can even still smell the cigar smoke and hear his favourite CDs!

Explore the rooms

As well as these famous exhibits, you can take your time and wander around the rooms, seeing how the family would have lived. See examples of period interior design and works of art that adorn the walls and really get a feel of family life in this enchanting mansion.

Take a sneak peak into Plas Newydd through the video below!