Education at Studland Bay

Children using our education packs in the dunes/ National Trust Images/David Levenson

Whether you are a teacher looking for resources to help you plan a lesson, a student looking for help with your studies, or simply interested in learning more about the Purbeck coastline, we have a wide range of resources for all.

Schools and education providers can now borrow field equipment and resources free of charge at Studland Bay. Please click below to see our equipment list and to book.

Borrow Boxes (PDF / 0.466796875MB) download

We have a huge range of resources to help support your learning, including information packs, maps, data and more. Please scroll below to find the most relevant section for you and download the files. If you would like any further information, or have any questions about education in Purbeck, please use the contact form linked at the top of the page.

View of the sand dunes at Studland, looking out across the bay
View of the sand dunes at Studland, looking out across the bay
View of the sand dunes at Studland, looking out across the bay

Sand dunes learning and resources

Sand Dune Teacher Resource Pack – designed for teachers with an interest in sand dunes at Studland Bay. Aimed primarily at KS3/KS4.

Sand Dune Education and Resource Pack – designed for anyone with an interest in sand dunes at Studland Bay.

Little Sea Restoration Case Study — explores the ways in which this important habitat is being restored for nature after the illegal introduction of carp damaged its fragile ecosystem.

Find out more – please visit the Dynamic Dunescapes page for more information on the project and for further links.

Coast learning and resources

Case studies designed for both teachers looking to run a ‘virtual fieldtrip’ looking at different management policies in place at Studland Bay, or for students looking for examples of these policies.

Middle Beach erosion photos – photos showing how coastal change has effected Middle Beach in recent years

Knoll Beach aerial and satellite comparison photo – overlay of an old aerial photograph with a recent satellite image that shows how the coast has changed at Knoll over the last century.

Coastal Management Policy – designed for anyone who wants to find out more about how the National Trust look after the Purbeck coastline. This document sets out the different pressures facing different parts of the Purbeck coast, and how we plan to manage them in the future.

Dune ID guides

For anyone who wants to learn more about the species found on Studland’s dunes.

Excel data 

Ideal for teachers looking for virtual fieldwork activities to carry out in the classroom.

Dune transect data pack – see how species vary across the dunes against factors such as soil pH, soil moisture and soil organic content.

Visitor numbers – see how many people parked at Studland Bay for the years 2018-2020


For more information regarding the content of the presentations, please use the contact form linked at the top of the page. 

CPD Dynamic Dunescapes Sand Dunes Presentation


Coursework Help Pack – primarily designed for KS3/KS4 students, but suitable for anyone with an interest, this pack contains answers to all of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about Studland Bay. Topics include socioeconomic background, coastal change, coastal management and dune heath ecology.

Studland's Tourism History (PDF / 1.9228515625MB) download

Children's Resources

We have sand lizard stories and dune activity sheets - great for ages 2-8 years old.

50 things to do in the dunes (PDF / 0.7001953125MB) download

Sand lizard story (PDF / 2.0029296875MB) download

Ant and butterfly story (PDF / 2.625MB) download

Top trumps

Make your own dune-themed version of the classic game. Download and print all three files and you'll need scissors and glue to do the rest.

Dune Top Trumps 1 (PDF / 0.578125MB) download

Dune Top Trumps 2 (PDF / 0.904296875MB) download

Dune Top Trumps 3 (PDF / 0.8603515625MB) download

Studland Bay's Dunescapes engagement officer Julia./ Photo credit Swanage News

Meet Julia

Julia is Studland's Dynamic Dunescapes engagement officer and is here for all your dune needs. Whether it's volunteering, education or an event, Julia is your point of contact. Get in touch with her at

Why not take your educational visit at Studland Bay one step further? The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme, which involves discovering, exploring, conserving and sharing your experiences of wild places. A field trip to Studland ticks off one of the four Award Criteria, students can then complete the rest of the award on their own or as a class. Dynamic Dunescapes is partnering up with the John Muir Trust to offer the award. More information, along with the steps required to achieve the award, can be accessed here.