The Word Defiant! Book Sale

The Word Defiant! installation at Blickling, Norfolk
Published : 24 Oct 2018

Join us in the house on Sunday 28 October, the last day of 'The Word Defiant!' as we sell off the books that have made up our contemporary art installation.

The books used in the Trust New Art installation had originally been rescued from being pulped.  They've spent the last few months as part of the seven installations through the house and out to the garden Temple, that make up The Word Defiant! . 

Join us in the house on Sunday 28 October from 12 noon, when you'll have one last chance to see The Word Defiant! and an opportunity to take a piece of the installation with you as we dismantle it. 

Five of the installations will still be intact, however, you'll find that during the course of the afternoon, The Word Drowned in the West Turret Bathroom and The Word Defiant itself, in the Long Gallery, will be dismantled, and the books freed for you to take away.

We're asking for a donation of £1 per book, however all funds raised will go towards the vital conservation work needed in the Long Gallery Library and to the collection itself, so any donations are gratefully received. 

Please be aware that once the books are gone, they're gone.  If there aren't any left by the time you come, we'd recommend a visit to the second-hand bookshop stacked full of hidden gems waiting to be read.

Please note the house will close at 5pm, last entry is at 4pm.  The house will then be closed all day on Monday 29 October as the remainder of the installation is dismantled.  The shops, cafes and garden will be open as usual but with our winter opening times from 10.30am until 3pm.

The Word Drowned - books in a bath tub, Blickling
Books in a bath tub
The Word Drowned - books in a bath tub, Blickling