Fundraise to keep Churchill at Chartwell

It means a lot to us that you want to fundraise to help keep Churchill at Chartwell; your thoughtful generosity will ensure future generations will continue to know this iconic British figure. Read on for a list of Churchill-inspired fundraising ideas and don't forget to share your successful event photos with us on Facebook and Twitter; we love to see how you are getting on.

Dinner party

Central to the Churchill’s way of life was the dinner party. The dining room at Chartwell played host to many a dinner party, often with famous faces attending. Charlie Chaplin, President Truman and T.E Lawrence are just a few well-known names to have been entertained within these walls and they all signed the visitors book you can see on display in the hall. 

What do I do?

Why not host your own dinner party to raise money? The concept is simple; your donation as host is the money you put towards the food and your guests all pay an amount of your choosing to attend your delicious banquet. Don't forget the Champagne; Winston would never be without it.

" I could not live without Champagne. In victory I deserve it. In defeat I need it."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Film night

After a delicious meal at Chartwell, Churchill would often finish a dinner party with a film screening for his guests. The dining room would be transformed into a cinema, with a projector showing the most popular movie of the week.

What do I do?

Hold a film night for family and friends, charge them entry and sell them popcorn and drinks. You could even choose a movie starring one of Churchill’s close friends like Charlie Chaplin or T.E. Lawrence.

Race night

For Winston, the “excitement and liveliness of the Turf” begun in 1949, when at the age of 75 he purchased his first and most famous racehorse, Colonist II. This grey thoroughbred won a whopping 13 out of 24 races and placed in five others; the crowds would shout “Winnie wins” as the champion horse thundered over the finish line. A portrait of Colonist II still hangs over the mantelpiece in the drawing room at Chartwell.

Relive Churchill’s excitement by hosting your own race night (minus the live horses of course).

What do I do?

You will need:

  •  A DVD showing horse races with a commentary by number (i.e. number five has taken the lead from number seven)
  • Race cards (make your own or download ours below)
  • Optional: Prizes i.e. donated by local businesses.

We recommend charging an entrance fee of £3 to your race night. Why not see if you can get a local business to sponsor a race card? It’s a great way to raise a little extra money and the business gets some fantastic local advertising.

We’ve even put together two Churchill-inspired race cards that you can download. Each horse’s name has a link to the great man; can you figure out the links? Download our Churchill inspired race cards (PDF / 0.0556640625MB) download

Allow people to pay to become horse owners; they can either pay in advance or before the race. Should their horse win, they will receive a prize donated by a local business.

Bets and winnings

Out of the money you take, half should be donated and the other half dealt back as winnings. So if you take 10 bets at £3 each totalling £30, you would donate £15 and deal back £15 to the winners. Simply divide the £15 equally between the winners.

Colonist II was Churchill's favourite racehorse
Portrait of Churchill's favourite racehorse, Colonist II, on display at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent
Colonist II was Churchill's favourite racehorse

Don't forget to share your fundraising photos with us on Facebook and Twitter. Got another fundraising idea? Then let us know about it.