50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 at Chartwell this summer

All the sunshine makes summer the best time to get outdoors and having fun. Why not make a challenge out of the below activities - can you make a longer daisy chain than your friends? Who can roll the furthest down a really big hill? There's only one way to find out...

Roll down a really big hill at Chartwell

Hilly adventures

The hillside location of Chartwell makes it perfect for some hill climbing and rolling. Tick off No.28 climb a huge hill and No.2 roll down a really big hill together. How fast can you get to the bottom? How many times can you roll down the hill in a day? Challenge yourself and see what you can do.

Make a daisy chain at Chartwell

Relax on the grass

Too much running around? Take a break and complete No.16, make a daisy chain. Who can make the longest daisy chain? How about trying No.25 make a grass trumpet. Start by finding the biggest blade of grass you can. Put your thumbs on either side of the piece of grass and press them together. Then, take the biggest breath you can, and blow in between your thumbs. How loud is your trumpet?

Have a go at bird watching at Chartwell

No.44 go bird watching

Grab a pair of binoculars from home or buy some in the shop and see how many birds you can spot. Remember to look in the gardens, by the lakes and in the woodlands for all the different species.

Den building

Build a wooden fortress

No.4 build a den. Grab all the twigs and branches you can find and build your very own fortress in the woods. Here's a challenge for you - can you make it waterproof? Covering the top with leafy branches will help. Put an adult inside and use a water bottle to test it.