Phantom soldiers and a terrifying presence at Dunster Castle

Many ghostly happenings have been reported at Dunster Castle, Somerset

Dunster Castle is full of ghosts and those that work at this ancient Norman fortress report many strange experiences.

These range from peculiar sensations, inexplicable events and sightings of ghostly figures, to other, sinister sensations that sometimes seem only perceptible to dogs. 


A man in green

In the area of the seventeenth century stable block, which now houses our shop, staff members say that they have seen a man dressed in green walking through only to disappear without trace. There have also been reports of a mysterious green light that bobs across the shop before disappearing.

Many people have complained about a menacing, uncomfortable mood here – leading some visitors to ask directly whether anyone had been murdered there.

In the stock room, displays fall over without any obvious reason. And unopened boxes have been found to have been ruined by a mysterious brown, sticky ‘gunge’.


Strange voices

Elsewhere, in the Blue Kitchen, a volunteer was deeply shaken when a disembodied, naked human foot appeared in front of him. And several people have reported hearing men’s voices and loud footsteps late at night in areas of the castle they know to be empty.

One cleaner said that she was confronted by the apparition of a man in ‘an old fashioned military uniform’ in an area of the castle that was later found out to have been a dormitory for troops during the Civil War.


A terrifying presence

But perhaps the most unusual ghost story from Dunster concerns the remains of a seven foot tall prisoner that was found manacled by the wrists and ankles along with several other skeletons in a deep dungeon beneath the Gatehouse.

Even in broad daylight the place where these skeletons were found is dark and gloomy. Dogs seem particularly troubled by some kind of sinister presence at this site and refuse to climb the steps near to where the bodies were found.