Lower Failand Organic Farm

 The amos family of Lower Failand Organic Farm

Lower Failand farm, an organic farm, has been run by the Amos family for many years. It is certified by the Soil Association and is in a Higher Level Stewardship scheme ensuring highest animal welfare standards and environmental protection.

A field to fork farm

It sells grass-fed beef and lamb, free-range eggs and apple juice directly to the public through certified farmers' markets. This means low food miles, less than 25 miles, and fresh food.

Good old-fashioned techniques

The farm has around 150 acres of arable crops. The rotation pattern used is very similar to that of the 1700s where they would also have been organic. About 50 per cent of the arable produce is used on the farm for feeding the animals.
Around the outside of the arable fields are six-metre margins all planted with wild flowers. This is not only great for the environment but the diversity of the flora attracts beneficial insects which help to control disease in the crops.
The rest of the land is permanent pasture with some of it being very old and having an abundance of plant species within the sward.

Hedges are home for wildlife

There are lots of hedges on the farm, some of them old. They are not trimmed each year but in rotation. They are kept to above two metres with some lain and coppiced.
Hedges which are higher than two metres and not trimmed each year are of higher value to birds and other wildlife. Twice as many birds are present in a hedge higher than two metres.
As a direct result of the sensitive management of Lower Failand farm there are now seven varieties of bats recorded on the farm.