Discover the hall at Hardwick

View of Hardwick Hall from the gatehouse

Hardwick Hall is one of the finest Elizabethan buildings in the country. A big claim, but we’re confident you’ll agree. Full of architectural and artistic delights from Elizabethan embroidering to Forties furnishing, walking through the hall is always an enjoyable experience.

Bess of Hardwick

A remarkable house for a remarkable woman. Bess of Hardwick, a formidable and talented woman, was responsible for the creation of both Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth House.
Her four short-lived marriages led to her becoming the Countess of Shrewsbury and one of the richest women in Elizabethan England.

Below the stairs

Find out about 'an awe-inspiring little woman dressed in black' and the 'odd man' who lit the house in our Below the Stairs exhibition.
The House Team have been busy creating exciting and interactive displays in the old kitchen. Discover more about the life and work of Hardwick's servants.

Weaving a magical story

Hardwick is home to one of the finest collections of Elizabethan tapestries in Europe.
Almost every room in the hall proudly displays tapestry and embroidery work on their walls. Come and see this spectacular and unique collection.

Unravelling the past

With its fragile textile collections, Hardwick has a huge conservation backlog. But every year work continues to conserve another wonderful part of the collection.
We have an extensive collection of textiles, furniture, paintings, ceramics and other decorative objects.


Are you researching Hardwick? All the archives on the people who worked and lived here are stored at Chatsworth under the care of the Cavendish family.