Explore the gardens at Hardwick Hall

The dahlia border in full bloom

Wander around Elizabethan walled garden courtyards, pausing to take in the scents of fresh herbs and floral borders.

Courtyard gardens

Although little remains of Bess's original gardens, they're still spectacular. Laid out in Elizabethan fashion, four rectangular courtyards each contain their own unique gardens, surrounded by high sandstone walls. 
Enjoy exploring the twists and turns of the gardens and discovering hidden corners. Each courtyard garden at Hardwick is unique. Find out more about their individual past, present and future.

Herbs and more

Today, Hardwick is home to one of the finest herb gardens in the country, along with fabulous summer borders, orchards, lawns and formal hedges. 
The garden is cared for and managed by a team of four gardeners, with the help of a trusty team of volunteers.

Hidden garden gems

There are plenty of quirky features hidden throughout Hardwick's gardens each with their own wonderful story.

Talks and tours

Our gardeners are keen to share their knowledge. We've many garden events, from talks and tours, to propagation and fruit-pruning workshops.