New life at Hardwick

Bluebells on the Hardwick estate

With some spring colours at their most vibrant, others are coming to the end of their magnificent show. The months of May and June provide this wonderful estate with even more shows of colour and sounds that greet our visitors.

With the snowdrops and daffodils bidding farewell, the blues of the iconic bluebell and the show of white flowers of the wild garlic make their entrance in our beautiful woodlands. The aroma of the garlic wafts in the air as you brush it with your boots in Lady Spencer’s wood, whilst the bluebells cover the ground with their grace and beauty.

Wild garlic grows in abundance during the springtime
Path through the woodland garden at Newark Park, Gloucestershire

In the parkland, the blossoms on our many Hawthorn trees guide you on your journey through the estate where you can marvel at the sight of Hardwick Hall through the new lush green leaves that emerge on our majestic Oak trees.

The early mornings are a chorus of birdsong as they continue to define their territory and provide for their young, the melodic tune of the blackbird and the constant chatter of finches make this a truly wonderful spectacle on a misty morning. The swallows have arrived from their long journey north, and if you are lucky the sound of a cuckoo makes the day a special one.

Spring wildlife arrives at Hardwick
Female mallard with chicks on the ponds

New life is everywhere, insects, butterflies, dragonflies, cygnets, goslings and ducklings there all here to see and enjoy in the parkland and near our historic ponds and our newly restored Duck Decoy.