Perfect picnic spots

The fruiting orchard at Hardwick

There is no better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than packing a picnic and catching up with friends and family. With acres of countryside to explore, beautiful gardens and magical spots, we have some of the best places of eating outside.

The best thing about the Hardwick Park is that there are so many hidden places to discover.

A picnic is a lovely social gathering
A group of friends enjoying a picnic
A picnic is a lovely social gathering

Here are a few of the top picnic spots at Hardwick.

  1. Upper Park just before you enter Park Piece on the Oak walk - it’s a really peaceful spot and a place for somewhere to relax
  2. Lady Spencer's Walk, just a little bit further along from the woodland play trail
  3. The fruiting orchard in the garden is a great place to lay your picnic blanket
  4. The Stableyard has a good selection of picnic benches and if you're looking for shade or shelter, the Cart Shed is a perfect place to enjoy your lunch
  5. Near the recently restored Duck Decoy in Lower Park

You can bring your own picnic and enjoy at Hardwick or you can pick up sandwiches, snack and cakes from the Great Barn Restaurant or the Coach House kiosk to take out in the gardens or park.

Pack a perfect picnic
Smiling older man with picnic basket
Pack a perfect picnic

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