A new way of exploring Ickworth

Nordic Walking group session

Nordic Walking is the perfect way to explore Ickworth!

Everyone knows that walking is good for you and we are always being told to ditch the car to travel by foot. Nordic Walking gives you the perfect opportunity to do this, all whilst exploring the most beautiful spots Ickworth has to offer!

Nordic Walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking — it is a specific fitness technique and is not to be confused with trekking, hill walking or trail running.

Walking provides a great opportunity to explore hundreds of acres of beautiful parkland.
North Lawn Nordic Walking

If you want to get into shape, boost health or just get active. Nordic walking is a simple way to exercise the whole body and can be easily fitted into a hectic lifestyle as it provides effective calorie burning, tones the arms and legs and improves posture. It’s also great for stress, easy on the joints and beneficial for conditions like osteoporosis.

Kevin Marshall and Sara Mortimer of Positive Steps Fitness and Wellbeing are a delivery partner for Nordic Walking UK and run regular taster sessions and technique courses at Ickworth.

Once you have completed the technique course you can join the regular Nordic Walks on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday around Ickworth.

Nordic Walking can be done by anybody, anywhere and does not require expensive kit. Walking at Ickworth provides you with a great opportunity to explore hundreds of acres of beautiful parkland, in a friendly and sociable atmosphere!

To get involved and for more information email info@positivestepspt.co.uk