50 things at Killerton

Killerton is a vast estate with 6,400 acres of parkland, woods, gardens and orchards to explore. Perfect for ticking off some of your 50 things to do before you're 11¾. Pick up your scrapbook from visitor reception when you arrive.

Build a den 

Explore the magnificent woods to discover the perfect haven for hiding - with a supply of sticks and twigs for building things.

Create some wild art

Forage in the woods for some quirky craft materials. What will you create? Keep an eye out for events throughout the year for plenty of 50 things inspiration.

Cook on a campfire

Join us around a campfire on one of our many family events and activities and to cook marshmallows, apple fritters and more.

Hold a scary beast

Killerton's woodlands offer the perfect habitat for all kinds of creepy crawlies – come and explore under rocks and in trees. Will you be the bravest?

Hunt for bugs

There are plenty of butterflies, caterpillars, beetles and spiders for you to spot all over the estate.

Track wild animals

The gardens and parkland are home to lots of wildlife including badgers, deer, foxes, otter and pheasants. See if you can spot any of them. Remember to stay quiet so you don’t scare them away. 

Go bird watching

The estate is alive with birds all year. In winter, keep your eyes open for noisy rooks roosting in the chapel grounds and for the blue flash of jays as they dive into trees.

killerton woodland parkland play tree family summer

Six of the best places to play

What are the best places to for children to play at Killerton? Here's 6 of the best.

deer ashclyst

A magical forest

One of the largest woods in East Devon, Ashclyst is a haven for butterflies, bluebells and birds. You'll find four way-marked trails and plenty of car parking - a great place for a walk on the wild side.