Be transported at Budlake Old Post Office

Shelves at Budlake are filled with curiosities

Just a stone's throw away from Killerton House sits a quaint old post office with a 1950s spin.


19th century: Sir Thomas and the Post Office

Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 10th Baronet, had a great deal of sympathy for those in poorer circumstances. He bought and built cottages on his estate for his workers to live in. These included the post office workers and their cottages.

c.1870: The first Post Office

The first post office in Budlake was opened in the late 19th century. There was a letterbox in the wall for people to post items and the postman used a delivery bicycle to deliver mail.

This post office later became a forge and storage space. A new post office was built on the end of the house next door.

c.1890: The second post office

The second post office at Budlake was very similar to the first. The same delivery bicycle was used and there was a similar wall postbox for mail.

1900-1901: The third post office

The second post office closed in 1900. In that year, the present Budlake post office was built on what had been an old gate house to Killerton.

The new post office opened in January 1901. It was a sub post office to the head office in Exeter and doubled as the village shop. It was the focus of village life, selling essentials and other things to the villagers, as well as taking their post.

1902: Franking

A rubber date stamp was issued to the sub post office in Budlake in 1902, so that letters and parcels could be franked. This indicates that the Budlake branch was a busy office.

1906: Sending telegrams

On 13 November 1906, the Budlake branch was also made a Telegraph Office, suggesting it continued to grow. The Telegraph code was JDK.

1908: Money services at Budlake

Further growth was acknowledged when the branch became a Money Order and Savings Bank Office in 1908.

1914 and 1919: Post mistress and master

Although records are sparse, we know that in 1914 there was a post mistress at Budlake Post Office, one Mrs Elizabeth Wood. In 1919, Mr John Gay became post master at Budlake.

1976: Closure

The Post Office at Budlake was closed in 1976 and is now known as Budlake Old Post Office.


When you step inside the post office today, you'll be transported back in time to the 1950s. Browse shelves brimming with haberdashery, commemorative tins and screwtop jars of sweets. Pick up the Bakerlite telephone to hear special recordings from locals. Its charming cottage garden is lovingly cared for by volunteers, and there's even a vegetable patch.

Traditional sweets to tempt you on your visit to Budlake Old Post Office.
Traditional sweets to tempt you on your visit to Budlake Old Post Office.
This post office was the focus of village life, serving the local community
Budlake Old Post Office, Killerton