Bluebells at Kingston Lacy

Bluebells at Abbott Street Copse on the Kingston Lacy estate

Bluebells are always a popular sight for visitors with swathes of blue covering ancient woodland floors. Kingston Lacy and its surrounding estate is one of most popular areas in the county to see bluebells, with thousands of people coming to see the spectacular carpets of flowers.

Where can you see bluebells this year?

Kingston Lacy Woodland Trail

The best place to see carpets of bluebells are along the Kingston Lacy woodland trail. This is a great place for the whole family to explore either on foot or bike and offers a short loop of approximately 1.5 miles or a longer loop of approximately 3 miles.

There is plenty of parking and after the walk you can stop for tea and cake in the café or take time to explore the other spring blooms in the garden.

Discover more about Kingston Lacy including opening times and admission prices on the homepage.


Abbott Street Copse is full of veteran and ancient trees which provide the perfect habitat for bluebells and is a popular spot at this time of year. A few years ago a new plantation and a winding woodland trail through the old and new plantation was created to help conserve this beautiful location and relive the pressure previously experienced by the ancient woodland.

Parking is available at Pamphill Green and a temporary parking location will be open 9 April-8 May (9am to 5pm daily) opposite Pamphill School. Please follow AA road signage for appropriate parking locations and please refrain from parking along the road edges.

Follow a downloadable trail

Download one of the following trails to discover new different areas of the Kingston Lacy estate.

Walk 3 – Pamphill and Cowgrove

A gentle 2.8 mile walk which passes Abbott Street Copse.

Walk 5 – Pamphill Green and Moor

A gently 1.8 mile walk which explores the woodland of Hart’s Copse.

How you can help look after these beautiful blooms

We need to be careful to ensure this beautiful sight will be seen by our children and grandchildren. Bulbs can be damaged by the pressure of too many feet (even minor damage to leaves can have a long-term impact).

Please respect signs and temporary fencing designed to protect vulnerable areas and stick to the paths. Also please take all litter home with you and pick up and safely dispose of dog mess in the bins provided or by taking it home.

" Ancient semi-natural woodland (ASNW) in the UK such as Abbott Street Copse has halved since the 1930s. Extending and preserving this habitat is therefore extremely important and the work we have completed will improve and protect this area of woodland for years to come."
- Jake Simpkins, Forestry Ranger at Kingston Lacy