Autumn wildlife in the Lake District

It's one of the best times to visit the Lakes. The summer crowds are long gone and the landscape turns from green to amber, red and gold. Crisp, autumn days are upon us. Grab the binoculars and search for red squirrels with the kids, learn more about habitat restoration at some of our places or fungi spot on woodland walk.

A red squirrel at Allan Bank in Grasmere Cumbria

Red squirrels at Allan Bank 

Allan Bank is one of the best places in Grasmere to see our native red squirrels. We work hard to make the grounds their ideal home, spending over £900 on feed every year. You can use our binoculars in the study to spot one of them on the feeders outside.

Whooper Swans

Migrating birds on the Whitehaven Coast 

It's that time of year when we can witness one of nature’s greatest journeys - the migration of birds. As the sun's energy decreases in the north, thousands of birds begin to move from their summer breeding grounds to the warmer south.

Marsh Fritillary on a thistle, Gillerthwaite Mire, Ennerdale, Cumbria

Wildlife at Ennerdale

In the autumn, we're counting the larval web count for the rare Marsh Fritillary butterfly found in Ennerdale. Its re-introduction to our tenant farmer’s land at Mireside has been a big success, and we keep track of the size of the population by counting the silk webs that the larvae weave in the wetland vegetation. Ennerdale Water is also home to England’s only migratory population of Arctic charr. These striking red and gold fish are one of the rarest species of fish in Britain and are confined to the coldest deepest lakes like Ennerdale Water. They spawn their eggs in October and November.

Enjoy a fungi walk with the National Trust this autumn


Keep an eyes peeled on a walk for the different types of colourful fungi which grow on trees and in woodlands in the Lake District.

View from Castle Crag

Colourful trees

Borrowdale is the most wooded valley in the Lake District. Look out for native tree species such as auburn oaks and yellow birch. Head over to Castle Crag were you can see the entire 7 mile valley - we can't think of a better viewpoint to take in the autumn colour.