Autumn walks at Lyme

Lyme’s woods are ablaze with autumn colour, and the yellows and browns of the surrounding moorland landscape stretch away to distant horizons. Explore the vast estate, spot the rutting red deer, and keep warm with a hot drink from the café this autumn.

Red deer in rutting season at Lyme, Cheshire

Wildlife at Lyme

Look out for the stags rearing up on their hind legs to reach the branches with their antlers and knock down more food. From October onwards the breeding season, known as the rut, begins. During this time there is a change in dynamic in the park and the males can often be seen testing each other’s strength and locking hours, they also be heard ‘bellowing’ during this season.

A girl enjoying a coffee outside

Keep cosy in one of our cafés

After stretching your legs and exploring the vast estate, refuel with a warming drink and a slice of cake in one of our cafés – there's something for everyone. When you treat yourself to a hot chocoloate, latte or tea, you help us to look after the nature, beauty and history of Lyme for everyone to enjoy.

Something for all the family