Beaches at Noss Mayo

There are small sandy beaches along Revelstoke Drive, accessible to agile walkers and boats only

Walk on from Noss Mayo and explore the small, sandy beaches and the cove of Cellar Beach, once used by farmers using fishing as a sideline business.

Cellar Beach

The name of the beach gives a clue as to what went on here centuries ago. Fishing was a sideline for farmers, who in the season would erect temporary shelters on the beach for their boats. The ‘cellar’ was a store used for their equipment and haul of fish. The village had a fish market in the thirteenth century, and fishing thrived here until the 1960s. Today where the sea meets the river, it is known for its oyster farms. In recent years a reef of wild Pacific oysters has formed between Cellar Beach and Noss Mayo, an indication of climate change and warmer seas. 

At low tide you might be able to see the bed of seagrass, home to sand mason worms, lots of razor shells, lugworms, pipe fish and wrasse. The seagrass extends around both banks of the Yealm and is an important home to sensitive species like sea horses. To visit the old fishing cove take the waymarked path down from Battery cottage. It’s a steep path so suitable for agile walkers only.

While walking along the coast please remember to keep dogs on a short lead where there are sheep and cattle grazing all year round.


Warren Beach

The secluded pebble beach is revealed at low tide and is a great place to spot dolphins, porpoises and seals. The path is steep and is only recommended for agile walkers.


Passage Wood

Hugging the river Yealm, the woodlands that you pass through on the way to Cellar Beach provides a peaceful home to an array of wonderful wildlife. As you exit the woods you will see a stunning view of the River Yealm, and the boats moored up and bobbing on the water.