Beach huts at Studland Bay

Beach huts at Studland, Dorset

Beach huts have been part of the British seaside since late Victorian times. The earliest examples in Studland appeared more than 100 years ago.

Today, around 260 huts are dotted along the beach. Some 50 National Trust beach huts are available for rent.

The huts are divided into colour-coded zones, giving you the choice of front row seats on the beach or a more secluded spot among the dunes.


Beach hut prices

Daily hire is available on a first come, first served basis - check the board at Knoll Beach for availability. We cannot take advance bookings for daily beach hut hire.

A limited number of pre-booked weekly hire slots are available from 28 August onwards - but hurry, they are going fast!

Take a look at the beach hut prices for 2020-21 by downloading this PDF: Beach hut prices 2020-21 (PDF / 0.03515625MB) download

Please call 01929 450500 or contact us by email for bookings and enquiries.