To the Beach and Beyond - Saturday 22 July to Sunday 3 September

Join us for a summer of fun at Studland Bay with sun, sea, sports, wildlife and crafts to make the most of our unique combination of beach and nature reserve.

Follow the free family trail every day from Saturday 22 July to Sunday 3 September and try table tennis, slacklining, sack racing, skipping, hula hoops, the balance beam and the balance log.

Can you keep your balance on the slackline?
A girl on the slackline at Studland Bay
Can you keep your balance on the slackline?

If that’s not enough there’s a full weekly programme of free activities to enjoy.

Crafty Mondays

Get creative with seashore-themed crafts in the activity area at Knoll Beach from 10.30am-4pm.

Sports Tuesdays

Everything from beach volleyball and slacklining to the long jump and mini badminton.

Wildlife Wednesdays

Get hands on with the natural world at Knoll Beach or follow our expert guides to explore the seashore, hunt for lizards or spot birds from a hide.

Discovery Thursdays

Arts and crafts, mini sports and den building at the Discovery Centre in Knoll Beach, 10.30am-4pm.

50 things Friday

Climb a tree, Build a den, fly a kite, jump over waves and much, much more. Join one of our organised activities or just let your imagination run riot.

Weekend explorer

The weekends are free to do your own thing – we’ve got plenty of tips to help you get started and don’t forget to watch out for pop up activities at any time.

Please note the programme may vary slightly according to the weather.

Flying a kite at Studland Bay
boy wearing 50 things T-shirt flies a kite at Studland
Flying a kite at Studland Bay