First World War at Attingham

Soldiers recovering in the hospital at Attingham Park

The outbreak of war in 1914 transformed the country - and affected the Attingham estate and the people who lived here in profound ways. From 19 July 2014 to 2018, we commemorated the centenary of the First World War with a series of events and exhibitions sharing these stories.

Lord Berwick

Owner of this great Shropshire estate since 1897, Lord Berwick served his country with roles in Northumberland and Paris. He returned to live on the estate in 1919 upon his marriage to Teresa Hulton.

Teresa Hulton

Teresa had grown up in Venice but came to England to help Belgian refugees in 1914. She later bravely served as a Red Cross nurse on the Italian front line and became Lord Berwick’s devoted wife at the close of the war.

Helping to heal

Attingham's links to healing those injured in the war don't end with Teresa's work with the Red Cross. An auxiliary military hospital for wounded soldiers was set up here in 1914, allowing the men to recover in peaceful surroundings - it was one of many that sprang up across Shropshire during the war to cope with the influx of injured soldiers.

Lives through letters

As the First World War Centenary unfolded, we updated our dedicated blog with extracts from the letters and notes of people from Attingham's history. Follow their wartime stories, and experience the First World War through their eyes.

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