Art at Chartwell - an outdoor art trail

Churchill's 'Winter Sunshine, 1924' placed in the Chartwell grounds at the place Churchill sat to paint it

Painting was a pastime that provided Churchill with many hours of solace, satisfaction and enjoyment. The physical act of painting and the close observation that it required gave a him a release from the pressures and challenges of his career. It afforded him complete absorption, creative stimulation and sensory delight.

Saturday 11 January until Sunday 22 March*

11am – 4pm; free with your entry or membership.

Churchill painted outdoors whenever he could and naturally his beloved Chartwell was the focus of a number of his paintings. This New Year, an outdoor art trail called Art at Chartwell celebrates the striking landscapes of Chartwell that Churchill so loved, and the paintings of these views that he created. 

*Due to popularity, our Art at Chartwell trail will now be extended until Sunday 22 March to give everyone an even longer chance to enjoy it.

Join us in the new year to see several of Churchill’s paintings of Chartwell, right at the location that each depicts. Compare the view that Churchill captured on canvas with the one you see before you today and learn a bit more about each painting as you go.

Welcoming the community

As part of the Art at Chartwell project, we have been working with artist Mary Hooper and local community groups to explore themes of the outdoors, creativity and wellbeing.

Students at Knole Academy, service users of Tunbridge Wells Mental Health resource, and residents of Westbank care home visited Chartwell to explore the beautiful grounds and Churchill’s favourite views that he painted often. They also took part in immersive art workshops with Mary, inspired by the sensory enjoyment that Churchill gained from painting.

Find out more about the workshops with a display in the Marycot.

In time for Christmas, this display of community art pieces created by each of these different groups were used to decorate the Chartwell Christmas Tree which was placed in St. Mary’s Church in Westerham as part of their annual tree festival.

" Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely. Light and colour, peace and hope, will keep them company to the end, or almost to the end, of the day.”"
- Sir Winston Churchill

You can also recreate some of the Chartwells scenes yourself, using viewfinders set up on the terrace lawn and by the croquet lawn. These frame the landscapes and views that Churchill fell in love with, perfect for taking a moment to soak in the view. Why not take inspiration from Churchill himself and take a photo, or sketch to capture the view for yourself?

If you’d like to find out more about Churchill’s paintings or the gardens that so inspired him, then there is so much to choose from during your visit - have a look at some of our arty suggestions here:

Have an artistic day out