Shopping at Chartwell

As one of the largest shops in the National Trust, we're sure to have what you're looking for. From Chartwell memorabilia, classic sweets, chocolate and chutneys to jewellery (plus a whole range of Jock merchandise for all his fans) - there's something for every occasion.

Churchill memorabilia

There is a fantastic selection of Churchill souvenirs available to remind you of your visit to Chartwell.Whether it's a bust of the man himself or maybe the iconic cigars there's something there to keep the memory alive.

Churchill on the page

We stock a comprehensive range of Churchill related books ready to suit your interests.

Churchill's favourites

In the shop we sell both Pol Roger Champagne and 4711 cologne.

4711, one of Churchill's favourite colognes, has been made for over 200 years and its exact composition is still a closely guarded secret. A perfect gift for that special someone.

It's well known that Churchill was partial to a glass of champagne - Pol Roger in particular. In fact he was their most illustrious devotee and customer, which is why Pol Roger created their Prestige Cuvée in homage to Sir Winston Churchill. They were even mindful of the qualities that he sought in his champagne: robustness, a full-bodied character and relative maturity. 

Pick up a Jock related gift in the Chartwell shop
A display of Jock related items that can be purchased in the Chartwell shop
Pick up a Jock related gift in the Chartwell shop

Chartwell lilies

The arum fabric was originally designed in the 1920’s and covers the chairs in the dining room at Chartwell.

Churchill himself produced the dissertation for the chairs, stating that they should be comfortable and compact so the table wasn’t too crowded with arms.

The family enjoyed many parties at Chartwell and towards the end of Churchills life the dining room was turned into a cinema.

Reusable cups

From 17 September, we'll be offering a 25p discount on all drinks from our café when you bring in your own reusable cup. We have a wonderful range of reusable cups available to purchase on the day - why not stop by when you visit!

Meet the maker

At the Chartwell shop we have many of our local suppliers joining us throughout the year to talk to you about their products. Keep checking back to see what we've got coming up.

More ‘Meet the maker’ days coming soon…..