Overseas visitors to Chartwell

A family entering the house at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

If you are planning your visit to Chartwell from outside the UK there are a few ways you can make your visits as smooth as possible, both before and during your trip.

Before your visit

Tip 1

If you plan to visit a few National Trust places while in the UK, and you aren't travelling in an organised group, we recommend purchasing a National Trust touring pass ahead of your trip. From only £33 for a 7 day pass, visiting Chartwell and just one or two other places could be more economical.

When you arrive, you'll only then have to pay for parking (£4 per car) and, of course, any cream teas we might be able to tempt you with!

Tip 2

If you are visiting as a group of 15 or more, it might be better value for money if you book with us as a group on chartwell.groupbooking@nationaltrust.org.uk

Tip 3

Some of our house volunteers are fluent in languages other than English. If you are visiting as a group of 15 or more and would like a morning tour of the house, do let us know and one of our guides might be available to give you a tour in your native language.

During your visit

Tip 1

We have translated copies of the house guides in a variety of languages so if you are interested in reading that extra bit of detail, pick one of these up or speak to a member of the team just as you enter the house.

Tip 2

Some visitors spend a whole day at Chartwell but if you find you've done all you want to then you can always travel to nearby Emmetts Garden or Quebec House. The Chartwell Landemare café does have a wider menu selection and more seating if you are planning where to be for lunch, but other than that a visit to these local places would make a National Trust Touring Pass worthwhile.

Make a day of it