The redisplayed Ante Room at Chartwell

The newly displayed Ante Room with a display of medals in the foreground

What was once Lady Churchill's bathroom and dressing room, the Ante Room on the first floor has since been converted to display porcelain and memorabilia. From March see a new display that features some of Churchill's most prestigious medals.

Roughly 40 medals have been saved for the nation thanks to the Churchill's Chartwell Appeal and these can be seen in a new rolling display in the Ante Room.

Some interesting highlights are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ‘Beaver Medallion’, presented to Churchill in 1949 for his public speaking at the 'Mid-Century Convocation' symposium, and the Bankamin Franklin medal presented to Churchill in 1956 by the City of Philadelphia for 'the greatest contribution during the past ten years to international understanding.'

After several years on display and to help preserve the garment for the future, we will be removing the robes worn by Clementine Churchill while she attended the Houe of Lords after she had been created Baroness Spencer-Churchill in 1965.

Discover a display of international porcelain, featuring Royal Crown Derby, Sèvres, Dresden and Russian factories.

The Sèvres is of especial importance, bearing the cipher of Napoleon III. Many of these pieces were bought at auction by Clara Jerome, Churchill's American maternal grandmother, following the suppression of the Parris Commune in 1871.

The newly displayed Sitting Room Annexe with a television in the background playing an introduction video on Chartwell, with interpretation describing the family tree hanging from the wall on the right.

The Sitting Room Annexe at Chartwell

Step inside the Sitting Room Annexe, on permanent display for the first time, and explore the lives of the Churchill children as they grew up at Chartwell. Due to social distancing guidance, the Sitting Room Annexe is currently closed.