The Sitting Room Annexe at Chartwell

The newly displayed Sitting Room Annexe with a television in the background playing an introduction video on Chartwell, with interpretation describing the family tree hanging from the wall on the right.

Once used as part of the nursery wing, before becoming Sarah Churchill’s bedroom, the Sitting Room Annexe now shines a light on the lives of Diana, Randolph, Sarah, Marigold and Mary Churchill at Chartwell.

The Sitting Room Annexe is currently closed in order to faciliate a social distaned routed around the house

Open every weekday excluding Bank Holidays, step inside the Sitting Room Annexe, a room just off from Lady Churchill's Sitting Room and find out more about the lives of the Churchill children as they grew up at Chartwell.

Inside see a 3-minute introduction film that includes archival footage from Pathé news and family photographs.

With replica items such as a tennis racket, ballet shoes and a gramophone displayed in the room, the Sitting Room Annexe reveals snippets of family life at Chartwell, from Sarah playing music too loudly to Randolph and his accounts of how he was encouraged to pursue tennis from Clementine, herself an avid player.

Following the room's potted history as a nursery and then a bedroom, the room has now been redisplayed with a wallpaper recreated from the 1960s design originally chosen by Clementine.

Perhaps best of all, after Churchill's bedroom, the room also boasts one of the best views of Chartwell. For the first time you'll be able to see Chartwell from a new angle, over the orchard and to the Kentish Weald beyond.

There is no through route from the Sitting Room Annexe so visitors entering the room must return back to Lady Churchill's Sitting Room. For this reason and to avoid queues along the narrow corridors, the Sitting Room Annexe is open on weekdays, excluding Bank Holidays, when the numbers allow for a smoother visit.

The newly displayed Ante Room with a display of medals in the foreground

The redisplayed Ante Room at Chartwell

Thanks to the success of the Churchill's Chartwell Appeal, step inside the newly displayed Ante Room to see a new display of medals and gifts that were received by Churchill.