Churchill's studio at Chartwell

The studio is home to the largest collection of Churchill's paintings that have been saved for the nation to see and enjoy. With his paints still laid out and a canvas waiting for completion, it looks like Winston has just stepped out the room for a moment.

Please be aware the Main Studio Room is now closed for rennovation work while we restore it in style and display to how it would have looked in the 1960s. The Studio Annex, a seperate room in the building, is still open and contains the new large touch-wall projection.

Art at Chartwell

" When I get to heaven I mean to spend a considerable portion of my first million years in painting."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill the painter

Many people know the story of Winston Churchill the Prime Minister but fewer know of the artistic side to the man.

Indeed it was only in later life, at the age of 41, that Winston begun to pick up the paintbrush at all. It was his sister-in-law, Goonie, that first encouraged him to try painting and it soon became an engrossing occupation that would remain with him for the rest of his active life.

Discover more about Churchill's love of painting as you tour the studio, or maybe join one of our talks throughout the day.

The studio

The studio is teeming with Churchill canvasses, most unframed and in various stages of completion.

The studio was built as a space for Churchill to paint without interruption but was also a blessing for Clementine Churchill as it stopped her husband dropping paint on the carpets in the house.

Erected in the 1930s, the studio became a favourite refuge for Churchill. When he was not outdoors, he was in the studio.

The paintings

Inside you'll find recognisable landscapes from Chartwell but also landscapes Churchill worked on during his travels to Egypt, Paris and Marrakech.

The studio walls are hung with many of his unframed canvases in various stages of completion. There is also Churchill's only attempt at sculpture to be seen, which was executed whilst he himself was being sculpted by Nemon in 1954.

Along with his paintings, there are various items of painting equipment on show. Churchill's easel with an unfinished canvas upon it and the armchair in which he painted can all be seen as you tour the studio.

" Just to paint is great fun. The colours are lovely to look at and delicious to squeeze out. Matching them, however crudely, with what you see is fascinating and absolutely absorbing."
- Sir Winston Churchill, Painting as a Pastime
Churchill's desk in his study at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

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Chartwell was the beloved home of one of Britain's greatest politicians, Sir Winston Churchill. The house has many treasures and provides an intimate portrait of the Churchill family.