50 Things activities to complete at Chartwell this winter

Winter is the perfect time for bird watching, tracking wild animals, running around in the rain and lots more. You’ll just need to wrap up warm and you can take them all on.

Explore the woods at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

No. 12 make a trail with sticks

Winter is a really good time to complete this challenge as there are lots of sticks around and it’ll be easier to spot them on the ground when you make your trail. Can you make your family follow a course through the gardens or woods?

Girl and boy gingerly walking across rocks looking at floor

No.34 track wild animals

It would be amazing to do this after it has snowed, but even if there isn’t any snow, tracking animals is another challenge that works in the winter. Look for footprints in mud, soil and sand or other signs such as droppings and see what you can track.

Enjoy splashing in puddles this season

No.6 run around in the rain

Of course, it doesn’t have to be winter for it to rain, but it’s a good a time as any to tick this one off the list. Make sure you’ve got a warm (and waterproof) coat though, or you’ll be soggy and cold, which isn’t as much fun. Splash through puddles and stomp in ditches as the rain falls all around you.

A Robin resting on a fence post

No.44 go bird watching

Thousands of migratory birds come to the UK’s shores in the winter, so it’s one of the best times to go bird watching if you’re making a special trip. Of course, as the trees lose their leaves it’s much easier to spot birds anyway, and winter is a great time to put feeders out, increasing your chances of seeing lots of different birds in your garden.

Visitors outside café at Chartwell Kent

Family facilities at Chartwell

Baby changing facilities can be found by the visitor welcome centre, the toilets behind the shop and the toilets just beyond the croquet lawn in the garden. The café has a yummy children's menu, bottle warming and high chairs. Want to find a more secluded spot to breast feed? Just ask a member of staff. There's a picnic area with tables adjacent to the overflow car park and you're welcome to bring a blanket and picnic on the slopes by the lakes. Please note scooters and trikes are not suitable at Chartwell.

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