Autumn garden highlights at Chartwell

The gardens at Chartwell are full of history, from the wall Winston built himself in the Walled Garden to the rose garden planted for his wife, Clementine. Exploring the outdoors at this time of year is always a joy, with fantastic fiery colours taking over the autumn borders and woodland. Come along and find out for yourselves why Winston fell in love with this country home.

Brilliant orange, red and yellow trees reflect into the Chartwell lake under blue skies in autumn


One of the reasons Churchill bought Chartwell was for the potential water feature he could create. The lower lake already existed when he bought the property but in 1924 a dam was built to create the upper lake. In the autumn, the surrounding trees bring stunning reflections in a full myriad of colour.

The estate in autumn at Chartwell, a National Trust place in Kent

Seasonal Views

The terrace behind the house is the perfect spot to enjoy a view on a sunny day. From here you can pull up a chair and admire the scene as it slopes down towards the lakes and up again to the woodland, transforming into a rust-coloured landscape. From the right-hand side of the terrace you can even see for miles across the weald of Kent. This view is just one of the reasons Churchill was so eager to purchase Chartwell as his family home.

Apples in the orchard

Apple orchard

Branches laden with a bountiful crop of juicy red-green apples tumble temptingly from the trees in our orchard - a reward for our gardeners judicious pruning. The majority of these are cooking apples and our favourite variety is of course the 'Winston' apple, so-named because, like the great man himself, these apples can weather a storm. We kindly ask you do not pick our apples as they will soon be gathered up ready for juicing.

Spinach, salsify, parsnips, carrots and artichoke growing in the kitchen garden at Chartwell

Autumnal Harvest

Take a wander into our Walled Garden to see what seasonal delights we're growing. Root vegetables are being harvested, ready to be transformed into delicious stews in our café with winter produce already showing strong.

Autumn pumpkin display at Chartwell


Come and enjoy the autumnal spectacle that is lines of colourful pumpkins and gourds growing in our Walled Garden. Every year the garden team create a wonderful harvest display, showing off all the different shapes, colours and sizes they come in.

Cut flower bed

Head down to the Walled Garden in the late summer as the flowers keep summer alive. Not to be missed are the quintessential dahlias which come out in force at this time of year in a whole range of colour and designs. Look out for these flowers as you go around the house; our volunteers make lovely floral displays.

Dahlias in bloom at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent


Dahlias have been grown at Chartwell since the Churchills' day; several cultivars in the cut flower area today have been grown here since the 1930s-40s, while others descend from the 1960s.

Rows of bright sunflower heads against a blue sky

Sunny sunflowers

Enjoy rows of this quintessentially summer flower, the sunflower. Growing down in our Walled Garden, these large and cheerful flowers are sure to bring a smile even on the rainy days.