What to expect from your Chartwell Garden visit

The Chartwell gardens are now a one-way route in order to support social distancing and protect our staff, volunteers and visitors. Below is a list of some of the features you can discover on your visit.

The swimming pool built by Churchill at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

Churchill's Swimming Pool

Upon walking down the entrance path from the Visitor Center, shortly Churchill's swimming pool will come in your sight. In the early years, the Churchills used the lakes for swimming until the oval concrete pool was constructed in the 1930s. With his usual thoroughness, Churchill took the advice from his scientist friend, Lindemann, on the amount of water needed to fill it and from a chemist on the correct chemicals to keep it clean.

The Gavin Jones water feature at Chartwell

The Gavin Jones Waterfall and Garden at Chartwell

One of the first areas you will come to is in fact made up of several different elements from Golden Orfe ponds to the old swimming pool, all connected to each other by the water.

Purple catmint and golden roses border the walk down the Golden Rose Avenue under blue skies

The Golden Rose Avenue at Chartwell

Running through the centre of the walled garden is one of the most romantic features of Chartwell - the Golden Rose Avenue.

Blossom on the step-over apple vines growing in the Walled Garden at Chartwell

Edible elements in the Walled Garden at Chartwell

One of the busiest parts of the Walled Garden at Chartwell are the fruit and vegetable beds, with the produce grown once supplying the house and now used up in our own café. Discover each season of these still highly productive beds and how we look after them.

Apples in the orchard

Orchard at Chartwell 

The orchard was one of the first projects Churchill undertook after they moved to Chartwell, clearing the area to plant new apple trees such as Newton Wonder, Kerry Pippin and Barrack Beauty. We’re currently in the middle of a long-term project to restore a meadow in the orchard here at Chartwell, encouraging wildflowers and nature back to our gardens.

Blue skies over Lady Clementine's Rose Garden at Chartwell

Lady Churchill's Rose Garden at Chartwell 

The summer months is when Lady Churchill's rose garden really begins to shine. Enjoy a display of red, white and pink roses in this quintessential English part of the garden.

Lake view of the house at Chartwell, family home of Churchill and a National Trust property in Kent

Picnic by the lake 

Make the most of the last of the summer sun by spreading out a blanket and munching on a delicious picnic by the lakes. Take in the view across the water and hillside and we guarantee you'll understand why Churchill fell in love with this property.