Updates from the Churchill's Chartwell appeal

Chattel on display

In 2016 we launched an ambitious appeal to raise £7.1 million to acquire hundreds of historic and personal objects that belonged to Churchill and to open family rooms that have never been seen before by the public. Currently on display by long-term loan at Chartwell, the family rooms and collections are displayed as Lady Churchill wished them to be seen following her husband’s death. We want to keep Churchill at Chartwell for future generations to enjoy and we need your help to do so.

" You may be sure that Clemmie and I will do our utmost to invest the house and gardens with every characteristic and trophy that will make it of interest in the future."
- Sir Winston Churchill writing to Lord Camrose from Chartwell, 1945

With our appeal, we hope to keep over 1,000 individual items that belonged to Sir Winston Churchill at Chartwell. This includes:

  • Six major awards, gifts and prizes, including Churchill's nobel prize for literature
  • Twelve freedom awards
  • Twelve gifts such as the House of commons 80th birthday book
  • Six personal souvenirs
  • Forty eight medallions including his school fencing medal
  • Eight hundred and ninety eight inscribed books

A successful fundraising appeal will ensure the historic collection can remain permanently at Chartwell for visitors and future generations to enjoy.

What we've achieved so far

Latest updates

18 Feb 19

Chartwell buys Churchill's Nobel Prize

We are excited to announce that after 3 years of fundraising Chartwell has acquired the Nobel Prize in Literature, awarded to Sir Winston Churchill in 1953. This prize will now continue to be on display at Chartwell, Kent for generations to come. To celebrate the purchase, the Nobel Prize has been redisplayed at Chartwell in the Museum Room in a more prominent position for an improved visitor experience.

Churchill's Nobel Prize for Literature on display at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

11 Jan 19

Chartwell launches outdoor contemporary art trail

Our second exhibition ‘Who was Winston Churchill?’ was an outdoor contemporary art trail running until Sunday 24th February 2019 aimed at visitors who might not know very much about Churchill. Curator E-J Scott and artist Patrick Bullock created large-scale outdoor installations which were displayed through the picturesque grounds at Chartwell to explore Churchill’s characteristics and hobbies. An Instagram account @art_art_chartwell was set up to promote the trail on social media beyond Chartwell’s usual channels of Facebook and Twitter, with the aim of attracting new visitors.

The giant head sculpture of Winston Churchill looking out into the view

11 Jan 19

Chartwell opens new permanent exhibition

‘A History of Winston Churchill in 50 Objects’, is a permanent exhibition that provides a unique insight into the world of one of Britain’s greatest leaders through 50 objects that relate to different stories and aspects of his life. The exhibition covers the full spectrum of Churchill’s life, from political powerhouse to keen amateur artist; fearless military figure to loving husband and father.

Churchill arriving in Geneva, 1946