The Gardens at Chartwell

Born from the keen amateur but creative minds of both Winston and Clementine Churchill, the gardens of Chartwell are as varied as they are beautiful the whole year round. History and nature merge seamlessly across the estate from the distinctive pastel colours of pink and white roses favoured by Lady Churchill, fruit and vegetables framed by the walls Sir Winston Churchill helped build, to acres of woodland and wider meadows.

An array of flowers in the cut-flower beds at Chartwell of all different sizes, shapes and colours
A summer view across Chartwell house and beyond from Mariners Hill

Visiting Chartwell: What to expect 

We've reopened our house and studio at Chartwell and we're looking forward to welcoming you back.

Explore the gardens

Chartwell through apple trees in orchard

Orchards at Chartwell 

The orchards at Chartwell were one of the very first changes Churchill made when he moved here in the 1920s and we continue to take care of them today.

" A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted."
- Sir Winston Churchill


" The outdoors is a canvas where Clementine and Winston Churchill’s relationship plays out."
- Tim Parker; Gardens & Estate Manager
Behind the scenes...
Blossom on the step-over apple vines growing in the Walled Garden at Chartwell

Edible elements in the Walled Garden at Chartwell 

One of the busiest parts of the Walled Garden at Chartwell are the fruit and vegetable beds, with the produce grown once supplying the house and now used up in our own café. Discover each season of these still highly productive beds and how we look after them.

Teeming with wildlife