The Gardens at Chartwell

Born from the keen amateur but creative minds of both Winston and Clementine Churchill, the gardens of Chartwell are as varied as they are beautiful the whole year round. History and nature merge seamlessly across the estate from the distinctive pastel colours of pink and white roses favoured by Lady Churchill, fruit and vegetables framed by the walls Sir Winston Churchill helped build, to acres of woodland and wider meadows.

Explore the gardens

" A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted."
- Sir Winston Churchill
An early morning in winter at Chartwell with clear blue skies as the sun rises over the gardens

Winter garden highlights at Chartwell 

Join us down in the gardens this winter as Chartwell transforms into a wonderland on crisp frosty days or atmospheric misty mornings.

Audio guides now in use at Chartwell with woman holding and listening with lakes and swimming pool in background

Audio guides at Chartwell 

Discover the stories of Chartwell at your own pace from this November with our brand new audio guides. Choose between different topics to suit your own interests - with more coming soon - by picking up one of our new lightweight devices, free with your entry from our Visitor Centre.

Volunteer Jenny Dunn in the garden at Chartwell

Volunteer At The Home of Sir Winston Churchill 

Are you looking for a new challenge? Meeting new people? Learning new skills? From Room Stewards to Garden Tour Guides, find out about our volunteering opportunities here.


" The outdoors is a canvas where Clementine and Winston Churchill’s relationship plays out."
- Tim Parker; Gardens & Estate Manager
Behind the scenes...
Spring daffodils in front of Chartwell house

Creating a Daff-idyll at Chartwell

See 29,000 daffodils as you arrive at the family home of Sir Winston Churchill as the nodding yellow flowers herald the start of spring. Don't miss the very special Winston Churchill double-headed daffodil!

Teeming with wildlife