The legacy of the Churchill's Chartwell Appeal at Chartwell

In 2016, on the 50th anniversary of Chartwell opening to the public, the team at Chartwell launched a £7.1million appeal. Beginning with the purchase of precious Churchill heirlooms on long-term loan to Chartwell, the appeal aimed to increase access to the collection and story of Churchill and open new never-before-seen rooms to the public. In 2020, at the end of the appeal, we're now proud to share all of our achievements that keep Churchill's legacy here at Chartwell for you and future generations to see and enjoy.

The south front view of the house at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent
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Thanks to you

The Trust has been able to raise the £7.1million needed thanks to generous support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, The Royal Oak Foundation, The Lindbury Trust, The Wolfson Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, and The David Webster Charitable Trust, as well as National Trust Supporter Groups, private donors, and members of the public.

Churchill heirlooms

Chartwell is the only place in the world where objects that belonged to Churchill can be seen in their original domestic setting. Crucially then, one of the most important actions of the Churchill's Chartwell Appeal was to begin securing over 1,000 heirlooms on long-term loan to Chartwell, and keeping those personal and historic objects that belonged to Churchill at his family home. These precious heirlooms, many of international significance, are intrinsic to his life and accomplishments, and an important achievement of the Churchill's Chartwell Appeal in order tell the breadth of Churchill's life and character at Chartwell.

New rooms and spaces
" You may be sure that Clemmie and I will do our utmost to invest the house and gardens with every characteristic and trophy that will make it of interest in the future."
- Sir Winston Churchill writing to Lord Camrose from Chartwell, 1945
The Chartwell studio - a painting easel, chair and paints sits in the foreground with a wall display some of Churchill's works in the background

The Studio Rehang 

Over the last sixty years or so we've been fortunate to have been gifted several Churchill paintings that have gone on to be displayed in the painting studio at Chartwell. Now with a much larger collection of his works and the support of the Churchill's Chartwell appeal we've been able to carry out a major refurbishment to curate the 141 paintings into a display reminiscent of how Churchill would have known the space in the 1960s.

Digital developments
Family fun and education
Churchill's miniature paintbox

As a basis for community outreach and education programmes, we were fortunate to be able to select objects from the Chartwell collection and create replicas for the public to handle. Including a miniature watercolour paint box and Churchill’s speech box, we used the handling collection for the first time in October 2018 with a home-educated group of 15 students.

An image of the family leaflet. The front page is an illustration of the brick house gaze up

To help our family visitors to explore the house at Chartwell and discover more about the Churchill family we’re delighted to have been able to introduce new family guides. Drawing on stories from the Churchill family, the guide contains challenges through the eyes of the Churchill children.