'Unbind the Wing'  Bodnant Garden

Dathlu menywod arloesol Gardd Bodnant a’u hymdrech hir i ennill y bleidlais.

" No one has done more for the advancement of the feminine sex during recent years than Lady McLaren...What with her witty speeches, her indomitable zeal, and the ready manner in which she subscribes to every cause that is likely to benefit her sisters, she may be said to occupy a unique place"
Laura McLaren, of Bodnant Garden, who wrote the Women's Charter

Llais ar ran menywod 

Ymgyrchodd Laura McLaren nid yn unig i ennill y bleidlais i’w hun ond ar ran menywod ym mhob man. Roedd yn siarad ar ran y forwyn a’r wraig tŷ yn ogystal â menywod oedd yn berchen ar eiddo, a dadleuodd yn angerddol am faterion amrywiol o iechyd i dai ac o waith i gyflogau.

Blwyddyn canmlwyddiant yn yr Ardd Bodnant

National Trust Wales team launching 'Unbind the Wing'

Croeso i ‘Unbind the Wing’  

Lansiodd yr arddangosfa berfformiad byw unigryw. Croeso cynnes i bawb...

" A nation ruled by men alone is like a bird which tries to fly with one wing bound, it rises, flutters, and falls again to earth. Dare to unbind that wing and have patience till it gains strength, then men and women will rise together and lift humanity to heights before unknown. "