In and around Cambridgeshire

Wimpole Hall viewed from the park.

Discover grand houses, a distinctive fenland landscape, lush farmland and a myriad of waterways.

Places to visit

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The Walled garden at Wimpole with herbaceous borders in front of the glasshouse

Places to visit in Cambridgeshire 

Not far from the centre of Cambridge, wander around Anglesey Abbey and it's garden for all seasons or escape to Wicken Fen in search of wildlife. A little further afield enjoy exploring Wimpole Estate, including Home Farm where you'll meet some new arrivals.

Playful summer days

Children on a gate in the parkland

Summer days out on your doorstep 

From where to ride your bike to the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic, summer gardens worth exploring and beaches worth discovering. We've got lots more inspiration to help you plan your next day out this summer.

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Some of our favourite walks
Two people watching and taking a photo of the sunset at Wicken Fen

Walking in Cambridgeshire 

Walk up to the Gothic Folly at Wimpole for some great views across the lake and back towards the Hall. Whilst a walk between Wicken Fen and Anglesey Abbey, will enable you to discover the beauty of the Cambridgeshire fens and enjoy nature's spectacles with the changing of the seasons.

Find out what we're up to
Great crested grebe with young on its back

Wicken Fen Vision

The Wicken Fen Vision is an ambitious project to create a landscape scale nature reserve creating new habitats for wildlife and humans.

Close-up picture of workmen installing solar panels on Visitor Centre roof

A cuppa from the sun at Anglesey Abbey

Next time you enjoy a cuppa at Anglesey Abbey it will be made using energy harvested from our new solar panels. In fact we hope to generate enough electricity to make 1.7 million cups of tea!


Build it and they will come

With vast skies above flowering meadows, sedge and reedbeds, Wicken Fen is a window onto a lost landscape and home to thousands of species. Thanks to your support, together our ambitious landscape-scale conservation project is opening up new areas for both you and wildlife to enjoy.

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