Volunteer at Dunster Castle

A team of volunteers in the garden

There are some great perks to volunteering at Dunster Castle. Whether you want to improve your CV, make friends, or just want to give something back, choosing to volunteer could be the best decision you ever make. Head behind the scenes and find out what goes into running Dunster day to day or learn more about our precious collection and the history of the house.

Room guides​

Spend time in these fantastic surroundings and help us bring Dunster Castle to life by welcoming visitors to the castle.​

Buggy drivers​

Relax in the great outdoors while driving members of the public through our tranquil parkland.
For visitors with mobility difficulties, the lift can make a real difference to their day.

Learning assistants​

A fantastic learning environment for school and college students, why not help bring education to life? You can play a vital role in providing pupils with unforgettable memories outside the classroom.​

Events assistant​

A great chance to help out and enjoy our exciting programme of events. From walking around in period dress to lending a hand at our festive Christmas events, there are plenty of different ways to bring Dunster to life.​

Meeters and greeters​

A great opportunity to tell visitors more about what they can see and do on their visit.​

Conservation volunteers​

Go behind the scenes and help us maintain this incredible house and its beautiful collection. Get closer to the treasures of Dunster and learn how we preserve these special artefacts for future generations to enjoy.​

Garden volunteers​

From helping out in the river garden to maintaining the terraces, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge your green fingers. Spend your free time breathing in the fresh air in these fantastic surroundings and pick up tips for gardening at home.​

Looking for something a bit different?​

This is just a small selection of our volunteer roles; we can find something for everyone.

Join in with a supporter group​

Local volunteer centres and associations can make a tremendous difference at Dunster Castle. Join your local group to enjoy visits, holidays and other social and fundraising events.​
Find out more about West Somerset Association.

Flexible to suit you​

From volunteering several days a week to once a month, you can volunteer with us as little or as often as you like.​

Build your CV​

If you have just left university or higher education and are looking to gain valuable experience, why not give us a call? Perhaps join our busy visitor services team and begin building your CV with us. 

Socials to enjoy​

From our volunteers trip to our Christmas parties, there are plenty of volunteers' social events to enjoy at Dunster Castle.​

Looking for work experience?​

Looking for a place to do some work experience or a placement? We'd love to hear from you. Whether it’s for your Duke of Edinburgh, college course or your university degree we can help you.

Send us a message or post a photo​

'Like' our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our latest activities and events. You can leave your comments and even upload your photos of Dunster for all to see.​
To find out more about volunteering at Dunster and to become a volunteer email us or call 01643 821314​.