The future vision for Chartwell

Churchill's bedroom

To commemorate 50 years since Chartwell opened to the public in 2016, we launched our Chartwell appeal with plans to reinvigorate Churchill’s incredible legacy. Our vision is to maintain the presentation of Chartwell as a much-loved family home, whilst inspiring a new generation to engage with Churchill’s history, his love of Chartwell and how he continues to impact our lives today.

This project is of the upmost importance. In 2015 we welcomed over 250,000 visitors through the doors. But the large numbers are taking their toll on the property. And with the visitor route remaining unchanged, it is often full to capacity, which means many visitors don’t get the chance to linger or experience the house at its best.

The vision

We plan to look at how we can improve the visitor experience for everyone who visits, now and into the future whilst also managing the conservation needs of the house. This includes transforming the experience by opening up some of the most personal family spaces for the very first time, such as Churchill’s bedroom and bathroom and  the ‘Secretaries Room’, which was once a hive of activity fielding calls from key political figures and producing endless correspondence across varying state matters. 

These rooms aren’t open yet, but will be by 2020.

There is also a need to develop our interpretation throughout the property as well as expanding our learning, outreach and volunteering programmes. All with the aim of bringing Churchill’s story to life in new and dynamic ways, giving greater insight into the great man’s life as national leader, family man, painter, writer and nature lover.