Tide and Time: Mayflower 400 commemorations

Summer view of Cotehele Quay from the river at Cotehele, Cornwall

National Trust places in the Plymouth area have been shaped by their location and proximity to water. Being by the sea and major waterways in the South West in proximity to the ports of Dartmouth and Plymouth, means their inception and evolution has been by Tide and Time.

Journeys by sea bring people, commodities, ideas and finance to places, allowing for export, exchange and inspiration. As tides and time passes, we look back through history from early colonisers to current times, to explore how crossings have influenced our relationship with America and the rest of the world.

Saltram, Cotehele, Buckland Abbey and Greenway are joining Mayflower 400: Tide and Time project launching from 28 November 2019 and continuing throughout 2020.

Saltram: Celebrating a Georgian treasure.

Saltram's house and grounds renowned for its river-side setting, fine collections and Robert Adam interiors. Visit throughout 2020 to find our more about its trans-Atlantic links; from portraits of the family by Boston artist Gilbert Stuart, to the traces of American troops stationed at Saltram during WW2 scattered amongst the estates' parkland. 

Cotehele: Tudor house with global connections

From 18th century wassail cups made from exotic woods imported from the Caribbean and a native American birch box made for the tourist market, to 17th century woodwork and pewter made by Devon craftspeople who later emigrated and made their careers in New England, Cotehele has been at the centre of transatlantic voyage for centries.

Buckland Abbey: Eminent seafarers.

Explore the home of two eminent, Elizabethan seafarers Richard Grenville and Sir Francis Drake. In 2020, an exhibition will uncover more about Grenville, the owner who converted Buckland Abbey from monastery to private home. Grenville’s expedition to Roanoke was an early attempt to establish a new colony in the Americas helped to pave the way for other colonies, including Mayflower settlers.

Greenway: American connections.

From the attempts at exploration and colonisation of the ‘new world’ of the Americas by the 16th century Gilbert family, to the mural painted in the library by the US Coastguard during WW2, Greenway has plenty of seafaring stories to tell.