Pied Flycatcher update

Pied Flycatcher

A start has been made - 19 of the nest boxes have been used


18 of the nest boxes were used by Blue tits and of those, 17 successfully fledged young - an amazing 112 chicks in all. Their success is all in the timing - the chicks were large enough or had fledged before the period of bad weather in May.

A male Pied flycatcher built several nests for his mate to pick from, one of which was in a nest box. The female inspected all of the nests, but unfortunately didn't choose the one in the nest box. 


The project has still been viewed as a success, as it can take a year too for the birds to get used to the new boxes.  The hope is that next year, more boxes will be used as the returning Pied flycatcher's know that they're there just waiting to be occupied.

Looking forward

Monitoring will commence again next year and a new project will also be starting at Lydford Gorge, involving a local school.