Keeping an eye on butterflies

Peacock Butterfly

Here on the Roseland our volunteers have been recording butterflies on Nare Head and Treluggan cliffs for over a decade. Their numbers are a good reflection of our conservation measures and the way we look after the land.

" At this time of year nothing much could be better than doing a butterfly survey on Treluggan Cliffs - bluebells and a blue backdrop of the sea. "
- Chris Townsend, volunteer member of the butterfly survey team

We are part of a citizen science project that involves over 15,000 volunteers who monitor butterfly populations across the UK.  Our dedicated team of survey volunteers go out recording butterflies every week of the summer season.

Green Hairstreak
Green Hairstreak Butterfly

Rangers cut the thorny shrubs annually and roll and cut the bracken to enable flower-rich coastal grasslands to become re-established.  Perfect habitat for butterflies.

Holly Blue
Holly Blue Butterfly

The threatened Silver Studded Blue is showing signs of recovery in response to conservation measures in recent years.  For more information about butterlfy monitoring see

Silver Studded Blue
silver studded blue butterfly

Silver Studded Blue
Silver Studded Blue Butterfly