Access at Chartwell

Lake view of the house at Chartwell, family home of Churchill and a National Trust property in Kent

Chartwell is located on a hillside, meaning some visitors may have difficulty navigating certain areas. We've listed a few important points below in relation to access at Chartwell. This information can also be found in our group information pack.

A full access statement can be downloaded from our website under the facilities and access section.


  • The car park is 250 metres from the house with access via a sloping path and 24 shallow steps. Those visitors unable to negotiate steps should use the mobility bus, which has a tailgate lift, to visit the house.
  • Please note that the mobility bus is run by volunteers and although we try to provide this service everyday there may be days when it’s not running. Coaches are unable to drive to the front of the house, but groups arriving by minibus can organise to drive and drop to the house.
  • For fire-safety reasons it’s necessary to restrict the number of wheelchairs in the house. We welcome one manual wheelchair every 30 minutes into the house. Unfortunately motorised wheelchairs can’t be accommodated inside the house due to small rooms and narrow passageways
  • Wheelchair access only to the sitting room, hall and library on the ground floor of the house. A virtual tour and photo album is available in the sitting room.
  • As a busy property, we recommend avoiding visiting on a Sunday.
The house at Chartwell in spring
The house at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent
The house at Chartwell in spring


  • Due to the hillside nature of the property the garden doesn’t lend itself easily to wheelchair users.
  • There is a wheelchair accessible route from the front entrance to the house to a viewpoint overlooking the kitchen garden and the golden rose avenue.


  • The studio has an accessible entrance, but to avoid steps the route to it is partially across a grass slope.

Shop and café

  • The shop and café are accessible from the  upper level of the car park where there are additional designated parking bays, or from the ramped area to the left-hand side of the shop area.
  • There is a lift from the ground floor of the restaurant to the Mulberry Room and an accessible toilet.