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Churchill's bedroom

Join our knowledgeable guide on a tour of selected rooms* in the house at Chartwell, including exclusive access to Winston's bedroom. The themed highlights tours run at 4pm Mon-Fri, excluding Bank Holidays, and must be booked in advance. Spaces are limited to 8 on this intimate one hour tour.

*as it is a highlights tour, it doesn't include access to all rooms. Those wanting to see the whole house will need to obtain a timed ticket to visit the house on a self-guided basis.


The tours are free for National Trust members and non-members should pay for admission on booking.

If you want to see the full house then you will need to obtain a timed ticket to see the house on a self-service basis earlier in the day. You can get a timed ticket on arrival at our visitor centre.

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Starting on Friday 20 September, we're trialling out a brand new guided highlights tour: Churchill the Artist.

Although he never thought of himself as an artist, Churchill painted around 500 known paintings and we have roughly a third of them here at Chartwell, the largest collection of his works.

His paintings give us vital insight into the people and places that meant the most to him and our knowledgable guide will take you through the history we can learn just by studying them and his variety of styles and subject matters.

Only running for 7 dates in 2019 before we close for winter, book your place below.

Winston Churchill's bedroom at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

Book a Churchill the Artist themed highlights tour

Find out more about Churchill's fascination with painting and see some of his works on this tour of Chartwell. Selected rooms featured include Churchill's bedroom, study, drawing room & dining room. Please book at least a day in advance as bookings can't be made on the day. Spaces limited to 8 on this intimate one hour tour.

Visiting the garden and studio

Your admission to the tour will include free flow entry to the garden and studio.

Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare so you can visit these before the tour starts. All areas of the property will close at 5pm when the tour finishes.


The tour includes several steps both between rooms and up staircases. Visitors should be prepared to be standing for one hour.

Winston Churchill's Bedroom

In September 2016 our Keep Churchill at Chartwell appeal was launched with the aim of raising £7.1 million to secure many of Churchill's belongings for the nation.

In addition to securing objects in the collection, money raised from the appeal is also enabling new rooms and spaces to be opened by 2020. The first of these rooms in Winston's bedroom.

Due to the small size of the room, the narrow corrider leading to it and the room's entry position, the room is only available to view by a highlights tour.

Winston Churchill's hairbrush on display in his bedroom
Winston Churchill's hairbrush at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent
Winston Churchill's hairbrush on display in his bedroom

Why has the bedroom not been opened to visitors before?

The rooms currently open to the public were chosen in the 1960s by the Churchill family and the National Trust. They reflected the interest of the time, with the focus being on those family rooms used by Sir Winston and Lady Churchill.

Churchill’s bedroom was closed off on the wishes of the Churchill family due to the personal nature of the space. However, towards the end of her life Lady Soames, Churchill’s youngest daughter who passed away in 2014, felt that times had changed and these spaces could now be enjoyed by visitors.

Today, we and the Churchill family believe that it is important to give a fuller picture of how the Churchills’ children and grandchildren lived at and enjoyed Chartwell.

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