Late Summer Colour at Chartwell

The school holidays may be nearly over, but our gardens are still bursting with colour and awaiting your visit. Head over to the kitchen garden for a delightful display in the cut flower bed and discover what seasonal produce we're growing for the café. Take in the lake views from the terrace or explore the apple orchard; there's plenty to see before the gardens turn orange for autumn.

Lavender and penstemon flourishing in the borders at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

Summer Colour

Around every corner at Chartwell you will find bursts of summer colour. The borders lining the top terrace of the kitchen garden and the orchard are looking particularly colourful, filled with pinks and purples and lovely scents. The lilies are blooming, the weigela looks fantastic so make sure you take the time to admire the summer borders at Chartwell.

Summer blooms in the kitchen garden at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

Summer Pickings

Artichokes, gooseberries and runner beans are just a few of the many foods to be growing in our kitchen garden. During the summer months the fruit and vegetable beds turn a luscious green as the produce gets ready to be picked and taken to the café to be made into delicious meals. The cut flower bed is awash with an array of rainbow colours that are pleasing to the eye. Look out for these flowers as you go around the house; our volunteers make lovely floral displays.

Dahlias in bloom at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent


Don't miss the cut flower bed in the kitchen garden; the dahlias are bursting with colour. Dahlias have been grown at Chartwell since the Churchill's day; several cultivars in the cut flower area today have been grown here since the 1930s-40s, while others descend from the 1960s.

Lake view of the house at Chartwell, family home of Churchill and a National Trust property in Kent

Picnic By The Lake 

Make the most of the last of the summer sun by spreading out a blanket and munching on a delicious picnic by the lakes. Take in the view across the water and hillside and we guarantee you'll understand why Churchill fell in love with this property.

Apples in the orchard

Apple Orchard

Branches laden with a bountiful crop of juicy red-green apples tumble temptingly from the trees in our orchard - a reward for our gardeners judicious pruning. The majority of these are cooking apples and our favourite variety is of course the 'Winston' apple, so-named because, like the great man himself, these apples can weather a storm. We kindly ask you do not pick our apples but please help yourselves to any windfalls.

Buddleia bush with painted lady butterflies

Butterfly Heaven

Overlooking the apple orchard you'll find a flower border just exploding with colour and wildlife. Buddleia lines the pathway, creating a sanctuary for the winged creatures as you approach Churchill's butterfly house. Over in the kitchen garden, the last of the roses line the Golden Rose Avenue and the waft of lavender here entices bees and butterflies alike.

The cut flower bed at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

Cut Flower Bed

Pop into the kitchen garden to find the cut flower bed springing into life. The flowers grown here will go on display in the house, much like they did when the Churchill family lived here. We still grow many of Clementine Churchill's favourite flowers, such as yellow marigolds.

Plants Of The Month

Discover more summer colour by downloading our leaflet, including a map of where to find the best colour and plants in the Chartwell garden.

The house at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

The Gardens at Chartwell

Explore the garden at Chartwell in Kent with its home-grown produce in the kitchen garden, rose walk, lakes and so much more. See the spot where Churchill used to sit and feed his golden orfe, and discover the wall he built with his own hands.