Child of the Commons exhibition at Chartwell

This article is in regards to the 2016/2017 winter exhibition at Chartwell. Please keep an eye on our homepage for updates on our upcoming events.

Discover Churchill's political career in a new exhibiton at Chartwell, a National Trust property in Kent

Churchill started his political career when Queen Victoria was still on the throne. His time in Westminster would see him through two world wars and through to the onset of the Cold War, by which time he was the longest-serving MP of the twentieth century.

Child of the Commons offers a unique insight into the breadth of Churchill’s political career, from a childhood spent idealising his politician father, through his early days as constituency MP, his ‘crossing the floor’ between Conservatives and Liberals, and his holding most of the major offices of state, including being Prime Minister twice.

Over fifty objects, including many of those featured in our ‘Keep Churchill at Chartwell’ appeal and a number which have never been on public display, will tell the stories of Churchill’s time in politics and why, in his own words, he would spend his life as a ‘Child of the Commons’.

Exhibition opening times, prices and accessibility

Child of the Commons is open daily from Sat 12 Nov 2016 to Sun 19 Feb 2017, 11am-3pm.

The house is closed during this period to allow our staff to carry out the winter deep clean and conservation work. Four rooms of the house will be open and decorated for a Churchill family Christmas on December 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 and 18, 11am-3pm.

Normal admission applies; non-NT members require a gardens and studio entry ticket.

We regret that the exhibition is not accessible by wheelchair.

" I am a child of the House of Commons. I was brought up in my father’s house to believe in democracy"
- Sir Winston Churchill, 1941