Orcombe's orchids are out on show

Green-winged orchid at Orcombe Point

Spring has sprung and the countryside is full of colour, including Orcombe's green-winged orchids.

The Jurassic Coast is fresh after winter, offering spectacular coastal views on a clear day. At Orcombe Point the Geoneedle reflects the light of the sun and tells the story of the Jurassic rock types.

Spring at Orcombe

With flowers blooming we have the chance to see the bright Green winged orchid, a prominent feature at Orcombe, between April and May.  These flowers range from white, through pink, to a deep purple colour.

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Follow your footprints

These rare plants need your help to keep growing and thriving. If they become damaged this will effect seed production so when visiting Orcombe take care of where you step.  It is also important not to pick the plants for the health of the orchid population. Leaving the orchids at Orcombe means more people can enjoy seeing them.  

The rare green-winged orchid thrives at Orcombe Point
 Multiple green-winged orchids at Orcombe Point
The rare green-winged orchid thrives at Orcombe Point