Exmouth Country Lodge & Prattshayes Campsite

Prattshayes offers camping, a bunkhouse and holiday cottage just a short distance from Exmouth beach

Exmouth Country Lodge & Prattshayes Campsite is a popular camping destination within walking distance of the beautiful sandy beaches at Exmouth, and walks from Orcombe Point.


There’s been a settlement in the area since the Roman era, with a serstius (coin) of Emperor Hadrian being found just to the west of Prattshayes. The first firm record of Prattshayes (formerly known as Sprattshayes) is that it was owned by the family of Sir Francis Drake in the late 1500s.  It was then acquired by the Pratt family (who changed the name) in 1685.

Staying at Prattshayes

At this historic site you’ll find on-site accommodation with a lodge-style bunkhouse that sleeps 14, a beautiful holiday cottage hosting 4 family rooms, and a quiet, seasonal campsite for campers, caravans and tents.

Just a 1 mile walk from Exmouth beach, Exmouth Country Lodge & Prattshayes Campsite is popular with families, walkers and birdwatchers. Exmouth Watersports, a part of Prattshayes, offers paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing and more, and bushcrafting events are offered at the campsite itself.

Exmouth Country Lodge also hosts country style weddings on-site, and there is also a well stocked outdoors shop.

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On- Site Facilities

80 pitches
A comfortable lodge that can sleep up to 14
4 holiday cottage rooms with kitchen, dining room and 2 bathrooms
Well stocked outdoors shop
Country Weddings
On site toilets
Free showers
Easy access toilet and shower
BBQ area
Site wide wi-fi access
Waste disposal & recycling
Electric hook-ups - 16 amps
Vegetable preparation area
Drinking water points
On-site activities for all ages

To book please call Exmouth Country Lodge & Prattshayes Campsite on 01395 276626 or   email them.