Failand House

Failand House was once the home of the Fry family

Failand House in Somerset near Bristol was built in 1720 by Abraham Elton who was an ancestor of Sir Edmund Elton of Clevedon Court. It was bought by the family of Sir Edward Fry in 1875.

The Fry family

Through ownership of this house, and through the gradual acquisition of land from the previously mixed ownership around it, the Fry family formed the estate that would later be given to the National Trust, and preserved much of its early 19th-century character.

A country retreat 

The Frys mainly used the house and the 200 acres attached to it as a country retreat. Sir Edward Fry was born in 1827 in a house next to the original Frys chocolate factory (built 1795) in Union Street, Bristol. His father Joseph was involved in the family's chocolate business.

The later years

Edward became a lawyer and later a London High Court Judge, he retired in 1892 and made Failand House his permanent residence. Sir Edward Fry died in 1918 aged 91. It was Agnes Fry, one of his daughters, who left the 363 acre estate to the National Trust in 1958. The house is owned privately, with no public access.