Join the West Cornwall ranger team

Ranger drilling new gate

Are you looking for your next adventure? We’re looking for people to join the West Cornwall ranger team, and we’ve got lots of new volunteering opportunities available. More information about the roles available are listed below.

Mayon Wildlife Watch Point

This role focuses on engaging the public with wildlife spotting throughout the summer season and spreading the message about our conservation work in the area. This is a summer role and ideally needs a regular time per week.

Invasive weeds

Help us in our battle against invasive weeds including species like Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam. If you have experience in using mapping systems, we need help identifying and mapping the species we have on National Trust land.

Archaeological recorders

West Cornwall is well-known for being scattered with amazing archaeology and you could be involved with helping to conserve these special places for the future. This role would include learning about the places we look after and getting out and about surveying them regularly to ensure that they are accessible and undamaged.

Practical work

If you’re enthusiastic about nature conservation and working outdoors, then this role is for you. You could be part of a team working on a huge variety of different practical tasks – from clearing scrub in the winter, to helping to maintain fences, footpaths and Cornish hedges. All levels of ability welcome.

Dog rangers

Do you regularly walk your dog at our places? We’re looking for local people who can engage with other dog owners to promote responsible dog ownership. This can be through making people aware of where dog bins are, handing out waste bags and being a visible presence to remind owners to pick up. This approach is really helping us tackle dog-related problems in other areas.

Nature recorders

If you have a passion for wildlife, we need people to help us survey our sites for different species of flora and fauna.  If you would like to increase your knowledge of local sites and species or want to share your existing knowledge, this role will suit you.

Get in touch

Get in touch with Jaz Odell on or 07881811483 to find out more.